Crossley 11 24 Sept. to 5 Oct 2008 Sunbeam 15
Veteran Car Club - TT100 Tourist Trophy Exhibition
Organised by Veteran Car Services Limited

1905 the world famous Tourist Trophy road races commenced in the Isle of Man. Initially they were based on a strict formula comprising an average of 25mpg and a chassis that the manufacturers would make available to the buying public. With rules amended each year to reflect manufacturers changing demands, by 1908 the fuel consumption formula was abolished and the cars became out and out racing machines.

Humber Team Kirkmichael

Racing was held on the Island as all circuit road racing was banned in mainland Britain; there were of course no racetracks anywhere in the world at that time. With varying distances and formulas they continued each year until 1908. There was then a break until the 1914 race, which uniquely took place over two arduous days.

After the Great War came to an end, automobile racing returned to the Island for the last time in 1922 before transferring to Ulster from 1928 to 1936. For 1937 and 1938 they were held at the newly opened Donington Park. After the Second World War they returned to Ulster on the Dundrod Circuit. From 1958 to 1964 Goodwood hosted; Oulton Park 1965 to 1969; and from 1970 to date the Trophy is competed for on the Silverstone GP circuit.

Crossley 11
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