Crossley 11 24 Sept. to 5 Oct 2008 Sunbeam 15
Veteran Car Club - TT100 Tourist Trophy Exhibition
Organised by Veteran Car Services Limited

We sourced Tourist Trophy cars of the types which actually competed in the Isle of Man between 1905 and 1922. Amazingly after 100 years some of these rare machines are still in existence; either in museums or in private hands both in this country and overseas. These early racing cars were displayed in a marquee adjacent to the Veteran Car Club's headquarters Club House.

On display was:-
A pictorial history of the races courtesy of the Isle of Man
Photographic archive showing every Isle of Man Tourist Trophy Race from 1905 to 1922
Rare original film footage
Original artefacts and memorabilia such as medals, original entry forms and regulations, programmes, paintings and family heirlooms and albums which have been passed down through the succeeding generations of those early pioneer motorists.

The centre piece of the Club House display was the Tourist Trophy itself, the world’s oldest continuous racing trophy kindly loaned to the Veteran Car Club of Great Britain for the entire period of the exhibition from the Royal Automobile Club. Entirely separate and earlier than the motorbike TT (which only started in 1907), it is still competed for today, 103 years after those intrepid pioneers took their first circuits of the mountainous Isle of Manslaughter course.

Normally only open to Veteran Car Club members, this exhibition was a unique opportunity for members of other historic car clubs, and the general public to see a part of British Heritage that has never been assembled in such fashion before. Also on display was the Club's own permanent archive going back to the dawn of Motoring-the famous Emancipation Run of 1896, when the speed limit was raised from 4 to 12 mph. and is celebrated by the internationally recognised London to Brighton Veteran Car Run each November.

Exhibition Offer-TT Pioneers by Robert Kelly

The Club had acquired the entire remaining stock of 100 copies of ”TT Pioneers”, the complete history of the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy races. With over 300 original black and white images, this hardback definitive work was on offer at the Exhibition at a price of £20. There may a few left but please check with the event organiser for availability, Nick Pellett mob 07958 329191 or 01438 820002,

TT Pioneers' front cover
TT names from the plate on the Trophy
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