Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions that we get asked when we are out & about

What is a veteran car?  =  A veteran car is a car that was built before 1905.
What is the difference between a veteran and a vintage car?  =  A veteran car is as stated above, where vintage cars are built from 1919.
Cars built after 1904 and before 1919 are called Edwardian Cars.
What's it worth?  =  Anything up to 3m+.  ~  At an auction, if two bidders want it, it goes for a high price. If nobody wants it, it goes for a low price.
(The highest price paid in auction (up to 2010) for a Veteran Car was in London in December 2007 for just over 3.5m. The car was the oldest known surviving Rolls-Royce in the World)
To the driver in an open car.
~ What happens when it rains?
 =  You get wet and sometimes very wet.
I thought that all old cars were black?  =  Wrong.   ~ It was only the Ford Model T where the saying was "The Only Colour is Black" and that was only from 1910 to the end of its run in 1927.
Are the wheels solid rubber?  =  A few are, most are pneumatic. Pressure is about 50ppi.
Can you still get parts? = Tyres are still made. Some parts are still around. There is, what is called "Old New Stock". Bits are taken from unused cars or made. Broken parts are mended where possible.
Did you buy it new? = Most unlikely as the owner would have to be well over 100. The car could have been in the same family for all its life and been driven by a few generations of that family.

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