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The Veteran Car Club of Great Britain

VCC Veteran Passport

The VCC Veteran Passport is for a vehicle's (pre-1905) owner wishing to participate in the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run (LBVCR) where the vehicle does not currently hold a valid Veteran Car Club of Great Britain, Veteran Car Services Limited or a Veteran Car Company Limited dating certificate.
A VCC Veteran Passport may also be issued to a suitable vehicle while a full dating appraisal by Veteran Car Company Limited is in progress. In all cases the vehicle must meet the VCC Veteran Passport criteria.

VCC Veteran Passport Forms, etc.


VCCL Veteran Passport Application Form   (January 2024)
VCCL Veteran Passport Conditions   (November 2014)
VCCL Veteran Passport Exclusion List of Makes   (March 2024)

For VCC members only - To get a vehicle dated to use on VCCL events (pre-1919) and the LBVCR, if pre-1905, the VCCL Vehicle Identification and Dating Opinion Application Form can be downloaded using the link on the VCC website's Members' Section - "Dating A. Committee" page, as stated the use is for VCC members only.

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